EC - Employment Consulting s.r.o. (Ltd.) is a young company, established in December 2004, involved in labour market policy consultancy and research.

New conditions after the accession of the Czech Republic to the EU have offered also new opportunities to reach higher standards in the sphere of human resources development and employment services. For us to be able to keep pace with other advanced countries we also have to be able to adjust ourselves to accelerating development and growing demand imposed on all labour market entities.


The Company EC - Employment Consulting s.r.o. (Ltd.), supported by Austrian Companies ÖSB Consulting und L/R Sozialforschung, has addressed its customers with the offer of cooperation while utilizing new tools and innovative solutions in the spheres of employment policy, regional and social policy, labour market development in bordering areas, labour market policy measures to support women and disadvantaged persons, as well as evaluation not only for Czech Labour Authorities, but also for companies. 
We support the transfer of know-how between the institutions and the interconnection between labour markets at the regional, national, and international levels.
The EC employees take advantage of their perfect knowledge of local conditions. We provide all kinds of information about the region and human resources, and arrange for any and all agenda connected with the establishment of a company.
We will find legal, accounting, and tax advisors for you, and help you to find suitable space for transacting business; we will organize translations and interpreting during meetings. We will support you in seeking business partners and making contacts with subcontractors. 
We will accompany you on a business trip, excursion, or visit to a trade fair – both in the Czech Republic and abroad. If you want your company to expand to foreign countries, we can provide you with Toolbox for a starting entrepreneur, which is the result of the Austrian-Czech-Slovak project Cross-border Personal Management for Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises.

To those submitting projects we offer project organization and management in the framework of the EU programs (networking of partners, preparation of the contents of an application, organization of activities, workshops, or educational events, or research performing).Our ambition and objective is to achieve better quality of modern services in everyday life.

Who are we?

We are a “two women office” based in the centre of Brno, the Southern Moravia Metropolis. We have a broad team of external colleagues cooperating with us, from the sphere of employment service administration, economy, research, or development.




EC – Employment Consulting s.r.o.
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CZ-602 00 Brno
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Our offer:

  • Consultancy regarding the programs of the EU Structural Funds in the Czech Republic, mediation of partners

  • Research and studies in the sphere of labour and employment market policy


Our partners, references

What have we achieved in recent years?
After establishing the office in 2004  we started to cooperate with parent companies L/R Sozialforschung and ÖSB Consulting on the implementation of the project Interreg IIIA Czech-Austrian Expert Academy, the objective of which was to provide for networking of employment services in the Czech-Austrian bordering areas. In summer 2005 we successfully submitted a mirror project, and since autumn 2005 we have organized activities and administered the project.

What do we want to inform about?
At the end of 2005 we submitted the implementation project of the Czech-Slovak Expert Academy, which should interlink Labour Offices in Czech and Slovak bordering areas. We have implemented the project and enjoyed successful cooperation between Czech and Slovak colleagues without the language barrier. We provide consultancy for Labour Offices in the sphere of training of the employees of employment services. We have developed new projects and offered them to Labour Offices

What are the challenges we are facing?
We would like to submit our own ESF project, to develop the company and its activities, to recruit new staff. We want to direct the acquisition to the area of employees and foreign customers